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Factory Automation Tools to Avoid Downtime

Envision and Collaborate on Maintenance Activities Across Your Operation

Downtime is a drag; unplanned downtime is a double drag as output suffers while expenses skyrocket. With the tools to properly schedule and execute maintenance intervals, you can stay ahead of interruptions that do damage to your production numbers. FactoryTalk? MaintenanceSuite gives you the key elements to manage the most prone areas of your operation. Predict issues before they occur on key assets and network devices using software that can also enhance security. Helpful collaborative tools, integrating seamlessly with critical data sources, make it easier for plant personnel to see, use and share the same information while they work together on solutions – whether they are shoulder-to-shoulder peering into a control cabinet or across the plant floor.

Manage and Protect your Automation Assets

FactoryTalk AssetCentre

If unplanned downtime is bad, what about unintended downtime? A software version update inadvertently implemented, for example. Or a “harmless” fix in one area of your line that triggers risk in other work cells. Think how easy it would be to deal with these stoppage occurrences if you only knew who did what to trigger the alarm. With FactoryTalk AssetCentre, you can secure access to your most important systems, closely tracking user actions such as calibration schedules and certificates, and even firmware versions. Gain an added layer of confidence knowing that updates are now better planned, with few opportunities for human error.

Improve Worker Productivity with Zero Friction

Streamline Data Access with FactoryTalk TeamONE

FactoryTalk TeamONE? delivers the ability for your team to collaborate in context with automation devices. Specific features in the app, called modules, adjust for varying levels of connectivity.?Tailored for industrial environments, FactoryTalk TeamONE can be downloaded, installed and used right away by anyone on company or personally owned devices. The beauty of FactoryTalk TeamONE comes from the innovation that puts the platform within the app itself, which reduces the potential network friction to literally zero.


Can a Network Help Avoid Downtime?

FactoryTalk Network Manager

The networks connecting your automation devices know a thing or two about performance, especially those elements that lead to downtime. FactoryTalk Network Manager? provides increased visibility and insight into the performance of your network in context of your automation assets. With this software, you can view your network topology, manage switch-level alarms as they happen, monitor the health of your network and reduce downtime to help improve overall automation equipment efficiency.

If Your Devices Could Talk, What Would They Say?

FactoryTalk Analytics for Devices Tells All

It’s not just about accessing and aggregating data anymore - it's about making that data work for you. FactoryTalk Analytics for Devices is an industrial information appliance that helps you get immediate value from that data. With just a couple clicks of a mouse, it starts delivering health and diagnostics from your devices.

Manage Software and Firmware with Ease

Deliver Business Value with FactoryTalk Updater and ControlFLASH Plus

Taking control of your software and firmware can be a daunting task. Remove the struggle and frustration from managing your software assets with the help of the FactoryTalk Updater and ControlFLASH Plus? applications. Together, these FREE tools will help you organize and manage software deployments, boost productivity, and stay up to date on software news.?

Predictive Maintenance Protects Automation Assets

Emonitor Condition Monitoring Software

Whether your requirements are simple or complex, Emonitor Condition Monitoring Software (CMS) is a one-size-fits-all solution for establishing and executing a condition-based predictive maintenance program.