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2020 Industrial IoT Company of the Year

2020 Industrial IoT Company of the Year Award

Rockwell Automation Recognized in Compass Intelligence Awards

Rockwell Automation is pleased to be awarded “Industrial IoT Company of the Year” in the 8th Annual Compass Intelligence Awards in 2020.

The?Compass Intelligence Awards honor top companies, products and technology solutions in mobile, IoT and emerging technology industries. After receiving more than one hundred nominations, a total of 45 winners are voted on by industry analysts, thought leaders and trade press editors and journalists.

“We are so very proud to spread some cheer during this time and recognize companies and products that stand out in the crowded technology sector,” states Stephanie Atkinson, CEO and founder of Compass Intelligence. “Many of these companies have put in an extreme amount of effort and dedication to innovate, advance, and serve consumers and businesses around the globe.”

While industrial organizations struggle to effectively deploy and maintain comprehensive, unified digital transformation initiatives, FactoryTalk? InnovationSuite by Rockwell Automation—a winner in the 2019 Compass Intelligence Innovator Awards selected solely by Compass Intelligence on merit of innovation—allows manufacturers to easily access, understand and leverage the data needed to make informed decisions.

With over 100 years of manufacturing experience, Rockwell Automation uses its enduring legacy to engineer groundbreaking digital innovations that enable the future of intelligent manufacturing.

About Compass Intelligence

Founded in 2005, CompassIntel.com is a market analytics and consulting firm specializing in metrics-driven market intelligence and insights for the mobile, IoT, and high-tech industries. Compass Intelligence provides executive insights, market sizing/forecasting and modeling, competitive analysis, strategic consulting, advisory services, trending analysis, and survey research services. Compass Intelligence helps guide strategic business decisions, and support in the success of our clients through delivering content engagement, go to market planning, competitive positioning, and strategic advisory.

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