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Mining, Metals, and Cement

Automation and Control Systems for Mining, Metals, and Cement Production

Optimize Operations Across Your Mine

The mining industry is continually challenged to be as efficient as possible, regardless of the volatility in commodities prices. As a result, you look for ways to run a safe operation that complies with regulations and still remain profitable. It is a tough situation. You will try to reduce unscheduled downtime, increase throughput, or minimize process variability.

The future of mining looks like it is going to be heavily reliant on information. Your connected mine does not have to be something for the future. It can become reality today. We can help you access production data and turn it into actionable information. You can then make it available to the right decision makers at the right time.

Automation Solutions for Mining, Metals, and Cement

Optimize Throughput to Maximize Operations

A connected mine can help you optimize throughput and maximize operations. A connected mine:

  • Provides better access to the information locked inside your processes and assets and gives you the power to make quicker, more effective decisions
  • Provides greater opportunity to keep your operations running uninterrupted longer
  • Helps to improve recovery and yield, and respond ahead of time to avoid potential issues

We can help you connect information and provide the necessary visibility into your operations. Combine this visibility with our vast industry knowledge and domain experience, and we are uniquely placed to help you. Get ready to extract the most value from your sites to help you remain competitive in this dynamic industry.

How Have We Helped Businesses Like Yours?

Across the world and in all areas of mines, metals, and cement plants, we've been helping customers. We have been able to help them reduce their costs while improving their operations.

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Knowledge, Technology, Partnering Equal Success

The success of this project can be attributed to three key elements: the plan, the products, and the people. We created the master plan using Rockwell Automation solutions that we knew would deliver the results we needed. We also leveraged key partnerships with Rockwell Automation that ensured easy implementation and reliable support.

David Musto, President and CEO, Thermo Systems

Capabilities to Enhance Your Operations

We offer many types of technology, services, and delivered solutions. Each can help you meet the operating challenges you face in your mining industry.

Scalable Technology Options

We can provide one product or an integrated solution. We have the technology to help you optimize your operations and provide access to data. Both are designed to help you make better, faster decisions to optimize your operations.

How May We Help You?

Rockwell Automation and our partners offer exceptional knowledge to help design, implement, and support your automation investment.